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Libertad Araceli(the first born twin ;p) and Guinevere Tomas grew up in FL, but as of now have spent the majority of thier lives in New Haven, CT.

Between taking gymnastics and martial arts, writing has been a fierce hobby that will soon become a reality with their first published book "The Mark of Noba".

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Who is GL Tomas?

Libertad Araceli and Guinevere Tomas are twin sisters dedicated  to dream of becoming writers through independent publishing. Being of Afro-Latina ancestry and insanely interested in many different other cultures, their biggest mission is to create and promote stories that feature People of Color, LGTBQ, Differently abled, Strong women of any size and explorations of other religions.

Why is this important, you ask?

It’s simple: Young women and men want need to be able to see themselves in characters, and that’s hard to do when books that feature these type of themes aren’t being written or receive very little promotion.

Diversity in different shapes and forms is their biggest goal, and they hope to achieve this goal through writing. For them, writing is  a way to connect to the world without a whole lot of money! World building, diversity of all forms and interesting ways to introduce new stories is what they hope to incorporate in their writing and along the way, they hope to give other aspiring writers advice and encouragement along the way. Let’s face it, they’re in this thing with you!



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